H&M x Erdem | A Floral Explosion


For the first time ever, Erdem Moralioglu designed a collection for men and based on the photos released by H&M, it doesn’t disappoint and will be a hit among the fashionable bunch.  This year’s designer collaboration focuses on the romantic—think florals, tweeds and a bit of ruffles.  The collection has a hint of androgyny that I really like.  Very dandy, I must say.  And the styling reminds me of Dries Van Noten, one of my favorite Belgian designers.

While not every piece in the collection is Doha-appropriate, there are a lot to choose from especially that we are starting to feel the drop in temperature.  This is not something a regular Doha guy will wear but if you want to make a statement, these clothes are fool-proof and a definite conversation starter.  You’ll probably get a side-eye or two but who cares, right?  If you love what you’re wearing and you feel you look good in it, damn the bashers.  LOL.

HMxErdem 01

Pyjama party, anyone?

HMxErdem 03

That bright blue sweater is calling me

HMxErdem 04

I NEED this shirt!

HMxErdem 05

Mohair jumpers x Ruffled shirt = love

The collaboration hits both physical and online stores on November 2 so you better put that in your calendar and line up early if you don’t want to end up empty-handed.  These items will be snatched up in seconds for sure!




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