Friday Catch-Up With Friends At La Spiga

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There is no better way to spend Fridays in Doha but to de-stress after an entire week spent in the office and meet with friends for lunch and do a bit of gossiping (yes, we love to do that like everybody else).  We decided to meet at La Spiga in W Hotel because we felt it will be the perfect place to talk and catch-up (nice and quiet) as most people will be brunch-ing in other restos.  And we can use our Entertainer vouchers so that’s a bonus.

La Spiga 01

Veronica having a moment with the menu

Since this is not our first time dining here plus the fact that Veronica and I are (sort of) following a pescetarian diet, it didn’t take long for us to pick what we wanted to have for lunch.  We went for the sea bass and hamour while Rica and Justin, the meat eaters, opted for the beef mains.  We all had dessert of course because meals are never complete without them.

As for the interiors, we still can’t seem to grasp the idea of photos of Hollywood icons hanging on the walls considering it’s an Italian restaurant.  Maybe they have a reason for that, who knows?  The place is cozy and nice although the dim lighting gives off a snobby ambience.  Overall, food and service considered, La Spiga is a great choice for eating out in Doha.




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