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It’s Thursday and none of my colleagues from work felt like going out for lunch.  I wasn’t mindful of the time and forgot to order food so the inevitable happened—I dined solo. This is not the first time though as I enjoy having a meal in a restaurant by myself every now and then—no judgy friends watching me stuff my face with food. And I’m not worried about being looked upon pitifully by the staff. LOL

I work at Jaidah Square so I went to the nearest food place—Paper Moon.  Call me lazy but I was wearing my Doc Marten’s (read: gym weights attached to your feet) and didn’t feel like walking to check other restaurants in the area.  Also, I know what to expect from this place.  Decision justified.

I chose to sit outside since the weather is amazing.  Never mind that it’s the smoking area (I’ve stopped months ago), the outdoor seating in this restaurant is quite nice.

And then the food.

I went straight to their business lunch menu of course (glad they have this on offer) and ordered these.


Mozzarella and tomato with basil


Garlic pasta using home made square spaghetti


Cheesecake with white chocolate shavings

The appetizer is what you’d expect from a caprese salad.  Flavor wise, the pasta dish is good.  However, the texture of the spaghetti reminded me of ramen noodles which is a bit weird.  It’s my first time to try this home made square spaghetti so I’m not sure if that’s the intention here.  The dessert tasted good BUT it’s a bit mushy—like it was in the freezer then defrosted before serving. #justbeingreal

The staff was attentive and didn’t give me the “poor-you-you’re-alone” look so that somehow made this visit worthwhile.

Overall, it was a good one hour of me time.  One hour of being invisible (in a good way) and not caring about my garlic breath.  LOL.  You should do it sometime if you haven’t tried eating alone in a restaurant.  It can be liberating and you might learn a thing or two about yourself, who knows.



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