And The Show Continues…

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Hola! I am back from my blog slumber.  A friend keeps on reminding me to write something soon.  Maybe I enjoyed the holidays too much (though it wasn’t really hectic and I actually spent mine at work).  Or I’m just not ready to blog about anything yet.  Or I got lazy.  (The last one seems most accurate).


But something happened today.  I received an invitation to a farewell brunch from a close friend who stopped talking to me more than two months ago for some mysterious reason.  I say mysterious because I didn’t exactly understand what happened and why all of a sudden she stopped responding to my messages.  We even had lunch a week before  and been texting everyday after that like we normally do.  I’ve reached out several times and got no response except on two occasions when I greeted her on her birthday and she replied with “Thanks” and during the holidays when I got the almost meaningless, mandatory response “Thanks, Merry Christmas too”—responses you’d expect from an acquaintance.  So getting the email this morning was a bit of shock.  I’m conflicted in the sense that I want to say yes to the invitation but considering the current status of our friendship, I reckon it will be too awkward and going just because doesn’t cut it.

I get the idea that sometimes friends drift apart.  I thought maybe I’m just too difficult to deal with.  But it was too sudden like someone hit their head and got some form of amnesia or something.  That’s life I guess. People change.  Relationships end.  I tried and nobody can tell me I didn’t.  Maybe she has her reasons.  I don’t know.  I’m not saying the door is shut.  I’m still hopeful for a resolution of some kind.  Or at the very least, answers.  I wish her well and genuinely hopes her the best in life.  But like what I said in my previous post, I’ve learned that we shouldn’t force things.  Some are meant to happen, some don’t.  Some last, some don’t.  You get the idea.

This post may seem like a downer but I’m human like everyone else.  You know, ups and downs.  I’ll make sure to change the tone in my next post.  I promise.  LOL.







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