In brief, Batang Third World is a personal blog about my experiences while working as an expat in Qatar—things I do for fun, places I’ve been, people I meet, friends, work, and commentaries on random stuff I see online.

Despite the name, there is nothing political about the things that I will be posting in this blog so try not make a big deal out of it.  Considering I’m a native of the Philippines, a country considered to be third world (read: developing nation), I just thought it has more punch and sounds more global than say, “Batang Pilipinas” or “Batang Pinoy”.  You agree with me?  Please tell me you do.


  •  English is not my first language so don’t go grammar Nazi on me.
  •  Photos in this blog are my own unless stated otherwise.  If you decide to use them, please be nice and link back.
  •  This is my PERSONAL blog so don’t be rude if our opinions about a certain matter don’t match.  




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