Bargain Eats | Bin Mahmoud, Doha

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Let’s establish some truths first.

Fact number one: Expensive doesn’t always mean good food.

Fact number two: Everybody loves to eat.

Fact number three: Everybody loves to eat cheap!

Bin Mahmoud is sort of like an oasis to a foodie.  It will satisfy most of your cravings and you’ll never get bored as there are plenty of options.  No exaggeration.  Here are some of the best bargain eats in the area.

Tofu House

tofu house 01

Who’s hungry? (Photo: Facebook)

The king of Al Jazeera Street.  This Korean restaurant is the best in the area IMHO.  Their jjampong and chicken wings (Korean style) are enough reason for you to visit this joint. They recently expanded and now has a bigger dining space but is usually packed in the evening so it is best to call and reserve a table in advance.

Khao San

khao san 1

Sawadee khrup! (Photo: Facebook)

The new player in the vicinity.  I had the green curry tofu when I first went to this restaurant and it did not disappoint.  I love it mak mak.  It gives you that feeling of being in one of those eateries in Bangkok.  The staff (who are mostly Filipinos I believe) are very attentive and they engage customers in small talks (so you don’t feel alone when dining by yourself lol).


I want my Mango Sticky Rice now…

Falafel Al-Akawi

On a tight budget?  Then Falafel Al-Akawi can be your best friend especially during that critical week before month-end.  A basic falafel sandwich from this joint is four riyals.  Yes, FOUR.  Service is quick, food is tasty, prices are super affordable.  Plus many say this is one of the best falafel places in Doha.  And did I mention they are open 24/7? Go now.  No judgment here.


Empty tummy no more! (Photo: Facebook)



Why did I give up meat again? (Photo: Facebook)

Who doesn’t like shawarma?  C’mon, it’s the ultimate comfort food (Khaleeji-style).  And for a small price (12 riyals), you can have a big chicken shawarma sandwich which again, in my opinion, is really yummy (my pretentious plant-based self is aching to have one at this very moment).  They also have grilled meats and seafood in their menu so choices are not limited.

Al Aker Sweets

al aker

Ricotta overload!

Craving for something sweet?  It was only recently when I found out about their branch on Al Jazeera Street and now it’s just a short walk from home to get fresh from the oven knafeh (the best Middle Eastern dessert IMO).  Lucky me!


So give those fancy schmancy restaurants a rest and go cheap.  There will be no need to dress-up and your bank account will sing you praises if you do.  But just because it’s affordable doesn’t mean you have an excuse to eat two servings.  Everything in moderation, please.






Table For One | Paper Moon Doha

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It’s Thursday and none of my colleagues from work felt like going out for lunch.  I wasn’t mindful of the time and forgot to order food so the inevitable happened—I dined solo. This is not the first time though as I enjoy having a meal in a restaurant by myself every now and then—no judgy friends watching me stuff my face with food. And I’m not worried about being looked upon pitifully by the staff. LOL

I work at Jaidah Square so I went to the nearest food place—Paper Moon.  Call me lazy but I was wearing my Doc Marten’s (read: gym weights attached to your feet) and didn’t feel like walking to check other restaurants in the area.  Also, I know what to expect from this place.  Decision justified.

I chose to sit outside since the weather is amazing.  Never mind that it’s the smoking area (I’ve stopped months ago), the outdoor seating in this restaurant is quite nice.

And then the food.

I went straight to their business lunch menu of course (glad they have this on offer) and ordered these.


Mozzarella and tomato with basil


Garlic pasta using home made square spaghetti


Cheesecake with white chocolate shavings

The appetizer is what you’d expect from a caprese salad.  Flavor wise, the pasta dish is good.  However, the texture of the spaghetti reminded me of ramen noodles which is a bit weird.  It’s my first time to try this home made square spaghetti so I’m not sure if that’s the intention here.  The dessert tasted good BUT it’s a bit mushy—like it was in the freezer then defrosted before serving. #justbeingreal

The staff was attentive and didn’t give me the “poor-you-you’re-alone” look so that somehow made this visit worthwhile.

Overall, it was a good one hour of me time.  One hour of being invisible (in a good way) and not caring about my garlic breath.  LOL.  You should do it sometime if you haven’t tried eating alone in a restaurant.  It can be liberating and you might learn a thing or two about yourself, who knows.


Friday Catch-Up With Friends At La Spiga

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There is no better way to spend Fridays in Doha but to de-stress after an entire week spent in the office and meet with friends for lunch and do a bit of gossiping (yes, we love to do that like everybody else).  We decided to meet at La Spiga in W Hotel because we felt it will be the perfect place to talk and catch-up (nice and quiet) as most people will be brunch-ing in other restos.  And we can use our Entertainer vouchers so that’s a bonus.

La Spiga 01

Veronica having a moment with the menu

Since this is not our first time dining here plus the fact that Veronica and I are (sort of) following a pescetarian diet, it didn’t take long for us to pick what we wanted to have for lunch.  We went for the sea bass and hamour while Rica and Justin, the meat eaters, opted for the beef mains.  We all had dessert of course because meals are never complete without them.

As for the interiors, we still can’t seem to grasp the idea of photos of Hollywood icons hanging on the walls considering it’s an Italian restaurant.  Maybe they have a reason for that, who knows?  The place is cozy and nice although the dim lighting gives off a snobby ambience.  Overall, food and service considered, La Spiga is a great choice for eating out in Doha.



Weekend Rundown | Lazy Day Friday to Sugar & Spice to Dana’s Farewell

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My Friday can be summed up in two words: TV and bed. Don’t judge me but after a busy week at work, I decided that Friday is going to be a lazy get-up-from-bed-only-when-I-need-to-pee kind of day.

Yesterday is a different story though—the roomie and I sort of had a long day.  Our first stop was at Sugar & Spice for a quick and “healthy” (read: no dessert) lunch with Pam and Aya.  In my opinion, this restaurant is the best reason to visit Aspire Park (as opposed to running or anything that involves sweat). It has a homely ambiance (the good kind—very shabby chic), comprehensive menu, and very good service.  The owner of this establishment really did his homework IMHO.


My wannabe vegetarian self ordered the Quinoa Kale salad (will try to replicate this at home!)


Trinkets galore! I would love to have this at home but I doubt it will look this chic.  Imagine the upkeep this chandelier requires…not for me…LOL


This button-studded lamp-shade is super cute. Mmmmm, and Aya, too.


Is the sun bothering you?


Our very own Gucci girl, Pam

We headed to Villagio to get some Starbucks and do some window shopping (read: broke) after lunch.  There were a lot of walking because girls.  By the way, do you know how frustrating it is to look and find something you like and not able to buy it?  VERY.  At that point I started to direct my thoughts to my bed and how I miss it already.  Hehe.


In the evening, we were bound for Dana’s farewell dinner.  Our sweet girl is getting married soon and she’ll be settling in the US with the husband.


Pretty in pink!  We will miss our future Mrs.  Thanks for inviting us!

Like the ones you see on Pinterest, the table set-up is really cute.  Props to Yasmin!  Yay!  Just look at those lemons! LOL.  This can be a good catering business idea, no???


Are we having lemonade after?

Here are more photos from last night:


I have mixed feelings when I got home.  I had a fun weekend but at the same time can’t help but think it’s Sunday the next day and that almost always ruins the vibe.

So how did your weekend go?  Did you do anything fun?




Saturday Brunchin’ at Santa Monica Breakfast Club Doha

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Last Saturday, we went to meet some friends for brunch at the Santa Monica Breakfast Club located in Grand Hyatt Hotel (just opposite of Lagoona Mall).

The first thing you’ll notice when you walk in is the decor.  Everything is vivid and colorful—from chairs to table napkins to the murals on the walls.  This place will definitely put a smile on your face.


Weekends are made for brunches (and sleeping).  It’s a fact.  Do not argue with me.

Our group ordered the Super Nachos and some fries (regular and sweet potato) for starters.  The fries were textbook—nice and crisp.  The nachos, on the other hand, weren’t overloaded like the ones being served in other casual dining spots but was quite OK.  It has the basics—nachos, cheese, sour cream, salsa and guacamole.

For our mains, most of us opted for the salad.  I had the Ocean’s Eleven salad which is basically fennel, celery, octopus and some greens in orange dressing.  It was light and the fennel didn’t overpower the other ingredients.  The rest went for the Californication salad, Santa Margarita pizza, Pan Con Chicharon, Brekkie Bao Buns (this looked so yum but it’s meat so deadma) and Sweet Soy Glazed Chicken.  I didn’t hear anyone of them complaining so the food they had must be good.


Ocean’s Eleven


Santa Margarita and Super Nachos

Eating out in Doha, just like everywhere else, can be expensive and will make you think twice about spending your hard earned money.  But if you have the Entertainer app on your phone, it becomes guilt-free as you can use 2 for 1 vouchers (maximum of three per table) to trim down the bill.  We used three and saved a lot! If you don’t have it yet, you may download the app from the App Store or Google Play.


A Great First Time | Stock Burger Co. at Holiday Inn Doha

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A few months ago, I started a mostly plant-based diet and when you’re someone like me who used to devour a lot of meat, the transition can be dreadful.  I said mostly because I refuse to end my relationship with seafood—NOPE, not gonna happen.

Eating out can be a problem since most restaurants have limited vegetarian options. So when my colleagues decided last Thursday to try out this burger place at the new Holiday Inn on Airport Road, I was adamant to go thinking that my options will be limited to fries and slaw.  But I didn’t feel like eating by myself so I went with them and hoped for the best.

The place was empty when we arrived.  Not a good sign but considering they open at 12, it’s understandable—at least we won’t be competing with other hungry customers waiting to be served lunch.  LOL.




Photo Credit: Stock Burger Co. Facebook Page

Let’s do a quick review, shall we?

The Look: This is a legit sportsbar.  Think Champions at the Marriott Marquis Hotel but with better table setting.  There’s also a bar set up right in the center serving alcohol and mocktails. This is the place to be if you’re a sports fanatic—they have viewing rooms with retractable leather seats and huge monitors.

In general, the place is great and perfect for after-work munchies with friends.

The Taste: I ordered the veggie burger which is surprisingly good—and no, it doesn’t taste like meat.  LOL.  The portion is good considering I only had a single.  The sweet potato fries and onion rings are top-notch! Best we’ve had in Doha so far.  The others went for the beef burgers and weren’t disappointed either.  Certainly a place I wouldn’t mind going back to.

The Cost: Prices are not steep compared to other restaurants serving gourmet burgers.  A decent lunch will cost you less than QAR100.

Overall, Stock Burger Co. is a nice addition to Doha’s food scene—good selection of food and drinks, average pricepoint and tasteful decor.  Worth the try if you happen to be in the Najma area.