Weekend Rundown | Lazy Day Friday to Sugar & Spice to Dana’s Farewell

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My Friday can be summed up in two words: TV and bed. Don’t judge me but after a busy week at work, I decided that Friday is going to be a lazy get-up-from-bed-only-when-I-need-to-pee kind of day.

Yesterday is a different story though—the roomie and I sort of had a long day.  Our first stop was at Sugar & Spice for a quick and “healthy” (read: no dessert) lunch with Pam and Aya.  In my opinion, this restaurant is the best reason to visit Aspire Park (as opposed to running or anything that involves sweat). It has a homely ambiance (the good kind—very shabby chic), comprehensive menu, and very good service.  The owner of this establishment really did his homework IMHO.


My wannabe vegetarian self ordered the Quinoa Kale salad (will try to replicate this at home!)


Trinkets galore! I would love to have this at home but I doubt it will look this chic.  Imagine the upkeep this chandelier requires…not for me…LOL


This button-studded lamp-shade is super cute. Mmmmm, and Aya, too.


Is the sun bothering you?


Our very own Gucci girl, Pam

We headed to Villagio to get some Starbucks and do some window shopping (read: broke) after lunch.  There were a lot of walking because girls.  By the way, do you know how frustrating it is to look and find something you like and not able to buy it?  VERY.  At that point I started to direct my thoughts to my bed and how I miss it already.  Hehe.


In the evening, we were bound for Dana’s farewell dinner.  Our sweet girl is getting married soon and she’ll be settling in the US with the husband.


Pretty in pink!  We will miss our future Mrs.  Thanks for inviting us!

Like the ones you see on Pinterest, the table set-up is really cute.  Props to Yasmin!  Yay!  Just look at those lemons! LOL.  This can be a good catering business idea, no???


Are we having lemonade after?

Here are more photos from last night:


I have mixed feelings when I got home.  I had a fun weekend but at the same time can’t help but think it’s Sunday the next day and that almost always ruins the vibe.

So how did your weekend go?  Did you do anything fun?