Let’s Get Physical | How You Can Burn More Calories In 4 Hours


No, this is not a post about the latest diet fad or exercise routine. I just have this silly question lurking in mind: Why is it so difficult to commit to working out regularly but we can walk miles and miles without complaining when we are at the mall? Case in point, my sedentary self usually averages 4,000 to 5,000 steps per day which covers almost everything I do at home and in the office. Yesterday I ended with 8,662 steps—-the most I did within the last three months!  It is crazy to think that checking out goods at Doha Festival City (something I wouldn’t consider a physical activity) made me walk four miles!  I know that’s not a lot to some but imagine my surprise when I made a milestone in my tracking app.


I use Moves to track my daily activities

It’s my first time to visit DFC Mall. It is huge and has a pretty good collection of shops and restaurants so you won’t notice the time passing so quickly while you hop from one retail outlet to the next.  Considering this is one of the (massive) malls that just opened this year, there are stalls that are not yet in operation but what they have now is enough for anyone to visit and have a fun time.

And then there’s IKEA  next to it.  Now don’t be fooled by those arrows being projected on the floor.  I’m guessing you thought they did this to maintain order so people would know which direction to go?  Well, think again.  It’s a marketing ploy to trick you into walking the entire store and buying more things (you don’t necessarily need) as you navigate through all their products.  Trust me, I am a victim too.  LOL.

So the next time you step into a mall, be ready because it’s going to get extra physical.  Can you imagine the walks you’ll be doing between the stores’ display sections and changing rooms?  And the stretching that goes with trying on clothes and shoes?  A lot, right?  Good thing there are several coffee spots where you can hang out at when your knees start to beg for rest.


In conclusion, mall-ing (Pinoys favorite past time) is the perfect combination of leisure and sport.  Yes, sport.  My tracking app doesn’t lie.  Numbers don’t lie.  Period. 😜