Will You Grow A Moustache This November?

Fashion, Lifestyle

You should.

To raise awareness of men’s health issues, an annual event is being held and ran by the Movember Foundation since 2004.  The organization’s aim is to reduce the number of preventable deaths among men—be it cancer or mental health issue—by increasing the rate of early disease detection, accurate diagnosis and effective treatments.  Their website contains a wealth of information—from the causes they are pushing for to interesting trivia to styling and grooming tips—so do me a favor and click this link.


The idea is simple:  Show your support and involvement by signing up at https://ex.movember.com/ , growing your moustache (not your beard!) for 30 days and helping to raise funds for the (worthy) causes the foundation is advocating.  The task is not difficult.  You just need to stay away from your razor (or clipper) until the end of November.  That’s it!  Minimal effort required and you get to promote awareness among family and friends.  Not to mention the money you will save from buying creams and aftershave cologne—it’s a win-win!  Hehe.

From a style perspective, the mo is making a comeback and currently a fashionable look for guys (please don’t wear it with flared pants or you’ll be in retro land!) .  It may be off-putting to some (hello, creepy) and have a dated quality to it but if you manage to pull this off, you’ll be the coolest guy anybody would want to hang out with.  I can see this look good with pieces from H&M’s collaboration with Erdem—a perfect contrast of masculine and feminine.  But since having one can be a hit or miss, the Movember initiative is a great way to determine whether the ‘stache is for you or not.

Here are some styles you may want to try.

Try out the chevron or if you want to unleash your inner hipster, go for the handlebar (the latter may require you more than a month to grow so that means commitment).  Yalla! Make the month of November count.  Grow those whiskers and be the difference in a man’s life.