Is The Balenciaga x Crocs Collab A Joke?


First of all, I love Demna Gvasalia.  Vetements had that impact when it first came to the scene—it was progressive, unexpected, and he challenged how we usually perceive fashion. For example, his take on Levi’s is fresh and it gives out an effortless vibe.

And while he did a 360-degree turn as far as designing Balenciaga, his collections for the house showed his strength in precision tailoring and creating high impact looks since he took over the brand.  Fast forward to now—the Crocs.





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Gvasalia reimagined the Crocs as a platform sandal complete with plastic pins (for customization options).  It looks clunky and doesn’t elevate the dresses it was paired with.  I am all for juxtaposition but the thing with matching opposing elements is that they are either a hit or a miss.  And this did not hit the mark for me.  They don’t look practical.  Some fashionistas may argue otherwise and I will agree to some extent but this is borderline ridiculous.  Sorry, I’m not sorry.

Sure, there is a market for these quirky clogs—I’m thinking the Japanese can pull this off with their eccentric and offbeat approach to fashion, the Balenciaga faithfuls, and maybe some who are drawn to the novelty of it.  Whatever rocks your boat, right?

I am not a hater but I was never a fan of Crocs.  Never had one and I don’t plan on acquiring a pair ever.  I don’t care how comfortable they are because they look so tacky—not my cup of tea.  And I don’t think I’m the only one who has this opinion about this footwear.  What do you say?  Do you like this collab between Balenciaga and Crocs?  Did it make you excited?  Would you wear one?


A Great First Time | Stock Burger Co. at Holiday Inn Doha

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A few months ago, I started a mostly plant-based diet and when you’re someone like me who used to devour a lot of meat, the transition can be dreadful.  I said mostly because I refuse to end my relationship with seafood—NOPE, not gonna happen.

Eating out can be a problem since most restaurants have limited vegetarian options. So when my colleagues decided last Thursday to try out this burger place at the new Holiday Inn on Airport Road, I was adamant to go thinking that my options will be limited to fries and slaw.  But I didn’t feel like eating by myself so I went with them and hoped for the best.

The place was empty when we arrived.  Not a good sign but considering they open at 12, it’s understandable—at least we won’t be competing with other hungry customers waiting to be served lunch.  LOL.




Photo Credit: Stock Burger Co. Facebook Page

Let’s do a quick review, shall we?

The Look: This is a legit sportsbar.  Think Champions at the Marriott Marquis Hotel but with better table setting.  There’s also a bar set up right in the center serving alcohol and mocktails. This is the place to be if you’re a sports fanatic—they have viewing rooms with retractable leather seats and huge monitors.

In general, the place is great and perfect for after-work munchies with friends.

The Taste: I ordered the veggie burger which is surprisingly good—and no, it doesn’t taste like meat.  LOL.  The portion is good considering I only had a single.  The sweet potato fries and onion rings are top-notch! Best we’ve had in Doha so far.  The others went for the beef burgers and weren’t disappointed either.  Certainly a place I wouldn’t mind going back to.

The Cost: Prices are not steep compared to other restaurants serving gourmet burgers.  A decent lunch will cost you less than QAR100.

Overall, Stock Burger Co. is a nice addition to Doha’s food scene—good selection of food and drinks, average pricepoint and tasteful decor.  Worth the try if you happen to be in the Najma area.








Culture Vulture | Museum of Islamic Art

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The Museum of Islamic Art in Doha is one of the best museums in the country.  Inside and out, the place is just beautiful.  As I read from the museum’s website, the architect behind the design is I.M. Pei.

MIA 002


This place is a nice break from the malls and hotels expats usually go in and out of.  Check out their website for exhibition and opening times information.

Here are more photos from my visit: